Friday, March 1, 2013

WOW I just thought i would look in. It has been really long time since I did.  So here are some cards I have made.

For a different fold swap

This one above is for a "P" swap.

This one was for a altered tri-shutter swap.

This one was Africa Swap.

The abpve one had to be green and purple.

Ok thats all for today,

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Yesterday I received back a round robin mini.  I love it so much.  Here are some pictures of it.

love Trish D

Monday, October 8, 2012

Hi all,

Here is the card 2 in my challenge in my group 52 cards, 52 weeks.  I was looking at a Christmas card when I had this idea,  It uses a joker glued to the back of the card to look in the door.


Trish D

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hello all,

Ok on the yahoo group I am in, we were talking about how I have made my own sheets for the stamp to cling to.  Breif overview is.

1. I have cardstock first,
2.  Stamp the image of the stamp onto the above cardstock.
3.  When done, put it thru a laminator to cover both sides.
4.  All done.  I do one more step for those pages that have small stamps that like to lose themselves.  Here is a picture of how I do those.

This to the left is how they look finished.
 After doing the sheet and laminated it, I will get one of those protective sheets and put the stampped card in and I trimmed off the top,  As mine was A2 size.

This photo shows how I turn the protective sheet with the holes already in it to the back.  I will then make a hole or holds to attach the rings to .  I have found that this way doesn't rip the plastic..

Have done a couple of scenes as well.  I am in a mini-book group.  As its a RR mini book I have so far done one that just suited the ladys theme.

This is the 2 pages.

 These two go together as well.

  These two are two more pages I did for a mini-book.

That's all, thank you for looking :)

Trish D

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hi there,

I have started a challenge on my group.  It is 52 cards, 52 weeks a year... so what I and some others started (I hope) to do this challenge.  Here is my creation.

I used a small set of cards, because that is all I had.  So I sanded the front a bit, Painted some gesso on it. When it was dried, I glued some kitchen foil to it.  Then on the foil I dropped some alcoholic inks on it and then mushed then let that dry.,  After this I put on the A for the ACE of spades.coloured it and then did a covered it with embossing ink and dropped that into UTEE.  This I did 4 more times.  When it finally dried this was the results.

Thanks for looking.


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Just dropping in to show some work I have been playing with.  The next two are for swaps.

And a mini calender for a old friend.

That's all for now ,..


Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hi all,

Well back again with some more eye candy.  Sorry have been up in the air of late, so haven't had a chance to do anything here.  But here goes.

The above is for a zentangle swap called "April Showers" thinking of flowers

The above is for a Stampscape Swap  : Country not your own.  And this is nothing like Australia.

The above was for a swap for the Suttergroup.  It just had to be done in pencil.

My tangle for Card_Crafts Wango Tango swap "St Pats DaY"

Zentangle_Inspired_Arts swap "Buttons".

Same group Tropical Fish.

Well thats all for now, am working on a Art Journal and soon I hope to be able to put it online.

Have a great day.