Monday, August 17, 2009

This past weekend...

Hi all,

Well this past weekend, HWMBO and I went away. Was suppose to have eye surgery in Northam a town about 120 kms from me. We got there and thought at 11.30 am we would find it then go have lunch and poke around the town. Good thing I did. First the referral had NO address on it, so rang the rooms. Turns out someone stuffed up big time. There was no appointments that day in Northam. Northam was the day before... so seeing as I was early in ringing we still had almost 2 hours till my appointment, which turned out to be in Perth. So off to Perth we went. Sat in the surgery's room for 3 hours, almost starved to death as we hadn't had lunch at all. THEN the lovely (and she was) doctor tells me 1st I don't need surgery on the eye yet, and 2ndly she doesn't do it anyway!!!! So am off to see another doctor in Feb next year to see what he says.

We get out of the docs and whip over the shopping centre across the road. Had lunch and wandered around, decided to get my hair trimmed. In the end we left around about5 pm, decided we would find somewhere to stay the night.

HWMBO drove us, down to Fremantle first to see if we could find a motel along the highways... none... so then went into the city of Perth to go out the other side... none... But we did see a Eye in the sky which we didn't know was there. Photos below. At last I remember a motel on Canning Hwy...... so off we went down that road, almost back into Fremantle it seemed!!! 7.30 pm we have a room at last!!

Next was dinner, we were beginning to get hungry. _I_ decided we wanted seafood :)) Found a place in Belmont not far from daughters house... so off we go again... We get there and it is FULL to overflowing..... *sigh* not our night it seemed. In the end we went to a place called Miss Maud's lovely place that does seafood smorgsabord. Not bad at all, ate heaps of prawns, muscles and oysters as well as some salad. HWMBO out did himself again in dessert, you know for such a skinny runt he can put away his food.......... am entirely jealous you know. I look at it and put weight on!!

So dinner over with we went back to the motel till checkout time. Breakfast and I wanted to go to the markets in Fremantle..... damm we get there at 9.30 am to find they don't open till 10 am!!! Off we go down the main drag, its windy, its raining and I am in a wheelchair. Find a place .. had breaky. Back to the markets, Enjoyed the morning there, and decided we would go to the E Shed markets, had a lovely time there too...... I didn't buy anything :(

Decided I wanted photos (see below) so HWMBO drove me around Freo and we got some photos, not many, as by then the traffic was busy.

All in all, we have decided to do it again in a few months time less the doctors of course.

So hope you enjoy these photos that I took... as I said not many.

Enjoy your day.


Eye in the sky at night.

The following is of the prison.
The Terrace
Surgeons House
The Superindentands House

Fremantle Prison
Gatekeepers House
Chief Warders House
The Chaplains House

Other houses that we saw.

Art Centre (now)

The Round House
The rear of the Round House

The Round House is the oldest surviving public building in Western Australia. It was built as a gaol and was the first permanent building in the colony. It was designed by HW Reveley, the colony`s first civil engineer, and built in 1830.