Monday, October 8, 2012

Hi all,

Here is the card 2 in my challenge in my group 52 cards, 52 weeks.  I was looking at a Christmas card when I had this idea,  It uses a joker glued to the back of the card to look in the door.


Trish D

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hello all,

Ok on the yahoo group I am in, we were talking about how I have made my own sheets for the stamp to cling to.  Breif overview is.

1. I have cardstock first,
2.  Stamp the image of the stamp onto the above cardstock.
3.  When done, put it thru a laminator to cover both sides.
4.  All done.  I do one more step for those pages that have small stamps that like to lose themselves.  Here is a picture of how I do those.

This to the left is how they look finished.
 After doing the sheet and laminated it, I will get one of those protective sheets and put the stampped card in and I trimmed off the top,  As mine was A2 size.

This photo shows how I turn the protective sheet with the holes already in it to the back.  I will then make a hole or holds to attach the rings to .  I have found that this way doesn't rip the plastic..

Have done a couple of scenes as well.  I am in a mini-book group.  As its a RR mini book I have so far done one that just suited the ladys theme.

This is the 2 pages.

 These two go together as well.

  These two are two more pages I did for a mini-book.

That's all, thank you for looking :)

Trish D