Monday, February 23, 2009

Artist Trading Cards

For the last few days I have been making ATC's for a couple of swaps in different groups.

Here are the results. Hope they can be seen, I have to upload at 600 pixels.

Have a great day.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cameras and Sketches

No camera still, tis killing me.

In the mean time I did a sketch for Paper Craft Planet. And this is the card for it.
I quite like it actually, but mustn't toot ones own horn.

Anyway have a great day!

Hello, I am a craftaholic

1. I would rather buy a paper punch than see my kids go to uni.

2. I would rather colour with markers than make dinner.

3. I am still trying to figure out a use for pet hair in my crafts so that housework doesn't seem so dreary.

4. I never throw away anything..I might find a crafty use for it.

5. My children don't wear hand-me-downs, they wear hand-stamped- by-me-downs.

6. I have informed the fire department that if the fire starts in my basement, to not bother coming because there is more paper and accelerants down there than they can imagine and I don't want them to get hurt because there wouldn't be anything left to make them a card with.

7. I have been known to pack extra empty bags when going to stamp conventions.

8. I know my UPS, Fed Ex and mail carrier by name.

9. My blood pressure skyrockets when any box arrives with craft supplies in it and of course that is what makes a day good.

10. I swoon at craft stores.

11. I wear Depends when I watch online Live scrapping shows because I get so tickled by new techniques.

12. My next door neighbor suggested I buy the house next door for a "craft room"

13. My husband knows that when I disappear into the craft room I do not plan to eat or sleep for at least 24 hours.

14. I own more pairs of scissors than my family has hands.

15. I wear glitter on my face often and sometimes there are stray pieces of tape on the back of my pants.

16. I have ink stained fingers and at age 50 I am still investing in baby wipes.

17 I could stamp and scrap from now until I die and never need to buy another piece of paper, ink, tape or embellishment,

BUT I WILL because yes, I am a craftaholic, thank you for listening.

swiped from Meg at justcards but oh how true is it!!

have a great day

Friday, February 20, 2009

Carol's Paperplayce has a Blog Candy to give away

Check out Carol's Paperplayce she has some candy to give away. Some Flower embossing folder for the cuttlebug, and some ribbons. It finishes Monday 23rd. So get to it!

Have a great day

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Slider card

First excuse the pictures. My brand new camera will take between 4 and 6 weeks to be fixed. It has to go to Sydney. Apparently Canon doesn't fix these here in Western Australia. I feel lost without it now.

So anyway... I received a slider card in a swap the other day. (Thanks Snoopy:) ) and I wanted to do one. Found where to get the tut from so go here.

This is the card I made.

It was so easy to do. So here is the slider card opened.

I also did a gift box for the group I am on for a front page competition. This is it.

Ok thats all for today I think. I hope you all had a great Valentines day. My other half gave me a box of roses. He decided the real roses he got me for our anniversery didn't last long. So he knows these will last longer hahah.

Have a great day.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009


To my nephew and his lovely lady, they were delivered a bouncy baby boy 9th Feb 2008. I know he weighed in at 8 lb 1 oz and that he is cute. Will know more tomorrow.

In the meantime here is the card I just made for them.


Here is a card I did for a gentleman who is not well at all. It is a angel card for one of my groups.

have a good day

Sunday, February 8, 2009

More cards

Hello some more cards for you to look at. First one is a card that I made for a friend on one of our groups. She is collecting cards to sell for breast cancer donation.

This second card is a swap for another group. The theme was Valentines flowers and hearts


The last one, is another swap card. The theme for this swap was punchies, I don't have that many punches so I used my cuttlebug.



Where does the time go ?

Well I don't know where the time has gone, Someone tell me where it goes so quickly ?

Anyway I belong to a couple of groups on the web that run card swaps. This first card I did for the "K" swap, we had to make something with the letter K. I went into this swap twice, being me. I made one card set it aside then a few days later made another, so I sent out two. The other card hasn't been received yet, when it does I will show it here.

This next card is for the another group. It was a birthday card.

Will post more cards later on.

Can't do any photos as my brand new over $1,000 camera broke :( It is going back tomorrow!!! Thank goodness for warranties.

So until next time have a great day.