Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Morning all,

Over the last weekend it rained really heavy. I had bought some wallflower seeds you know the paper daisy ones. It tells you to put them in after the first really heavy rain...... So I got HWMBO out to throw the seeds then rake over them, hoping that the weather will rain a bit more to set them. Hmmmm well that didn't go to plan it hasn't rained since!! I do hope that they will still come up. I love those flowers.

On another note I was asked to take a photo of what I see out the front window. Here is the result. The large dots are rain on the window... well it did rain that day!

Also showing a card I made for a friends birthday, can show you now as she OPENED her card EARLY!! although I think I did forget to tell her not too hehe. It is what they call a tri-fold card. Have made heaps of cards this week but they are all for swaps so will have to wait before I can show you.

Front of the card.

The card opened.

Have a great day.



Friday, May 22, 2009

Snoopy's Blog Candy

HAS ARRIVED.......... oh and look how wonderful it is. Thank you very much Snoopy, these are really wonderful :) They are really hard to take photos of am sorry. But take my word for it they are beautiful in real life!

Now here is the card I made for Paper Craft Planet's cuttlebug challenge. After bugging the acetate I used reinkers on the back in the valley's and on the front as well.

Enjoy your day


Blog Award and more

Oh I am so honoured to have been given a blog award. This came from Snoopy. Snoopy is a wonderful lady on two of the same groups I am on. She is such fun as well as being a inspiration to me. If you haven't been there you MUST go and see her blog, it has some wonderful cards on there.

Now I must pass on this award, So I have chosen a couple of people to pass it on to..

1. Charmaine
2. In & Out of Studio 3D

On another note here is the card I mentioned in the previous post. Was quite pleased with this card I made.

Hope to post later on today as well.

Enjoy your day.


Friday, May 15, 2009


Ok.. would love to say time has flown by for the last few weeks, but I must be honest and I found them draggin badly :(

Bought myself a wireless router thru my isp, took a whole day to set it up. It lasted 4 and half days before it went kapoot. On the phone, complained, whinged and whatever. They gave me a dialup account to cover the time before I got a new router sent out to me. That took ages, but it finally arrived yesterday. Out of the box and within 20 minutes I had set it up myself and am on my way back to heaven :)
Didn't realise I was that addicted to the net. So my blog suffered, I suffered, my Farm on Facebook that I have suffered.

I didn't get to Perth to babysit this week, in the midst of all this I somehow hurt my back again. I say somehow but I have sever arthritis of the spine and it goes out visiting sometimes. So laying prone in bed till I get fed up with that and I hobbled around.

One good thing is that seeing I couldn't be on the computer I did make some cards. May take some photos later and show them.

I also have a good friend who lives in Victoria who is collecting pink cards for a fundraiser in October. Think so far I have sent off 2 boxes of cards, a box of 'pink' goodies for her to make cards, I sent off another box yesterday as well as including some packets of envelopes. Forgot to take a pic of the RAK I included so am hoping she remembers to scan it :) I don't think she reads this blog, but one never knows.

Well to top off my bad few weeks I had a lovely surprise of being picked DIVA for the month of May on Justcards, so am looking forward to those little goodies. I love spoiling people, but I also like to be spoiled.

So till next time take care

and enjoy your day.