Friday, January 23, 2009



As most of you know Western Australia is in Summer, which means HOT HOT HOT... now last Wednesday morning we set off to go to Perth to do the babysitting gig. I start with air con on...... we get to this part of the forest (but going towards the camera)

The air con goes off..... we go a few more kilometres/miles and it is starting to fog up inside. It was so cold in this part of the forest that we had to put the heater on so we could see where we were going so we didn't hit a kangaroo. As it was we had to brake for 2 of them. Then we are going down the hill into Perth and we end up slamming on the brakes again for another kangeroo in the hills of Perth!!

Strange weather, we had two days of cold in the morning and then heating up fine, now its warmish and no clouds, such a contrast to this morning.

Have a good day.

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