Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Time is awasting

Hi all,

Well time is wasting away here, seems I have been so busy doing things I just really haven't had to time to blog.

Ok a few weeks ago I did join a photoscape swap. That is to find a photo and stamp on it, Scary...... very scary. Had a lot of what ifs going around.

So I played first.. here is the orginal photo and one I made out of it.

So that worked for me so here is the photo I did send in (partner has received it)

The photo I used is below

I know they don't look exactly the same but I do not know how mine came out fatter ?

Have made more cards for swaps on the groups I belong to .. here are some.

Window Card

Lastly a wallet card for "W"

Thanks for looking

Enjoy your day!


Betty aka ZacksNana said...

love your stamping on photos! those turned out really nice. I have to try something new like that. I'm in a rut.

Loz said...

Very beautiful photoscapes Trish. I have never heard of this before...The other cards are great also..Loz

Myrt said...

Hi Trish - Your stampscapes are beautiful Trish - I haven't had a chance to try it but have the Stampscapes site in my Favourites. Your swap cards are lovely also.

SNOOPY said...

They are all so beautiful! You have a gift, my dear.

Snoopy :D

SNOOPY said...

Pssst! Hey Trish! You've been given a blog award. Come pick it up on my blog. = )

Snoopy :D