Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Birthday

Hi all,

Well today is my birthday and I received a gorgeous necklace from my darling Hubby, it only took him 27 years for him to buy me any jewelery and boy did he get it so right I am so happy at the moment :)

I also received some lovely birthday cards from some lovely ladies on the groups I belong to.

So here they are :)

From Roberta

From Patricia S

From Lucy

From Lindy

From Laurel

From Jacqui

From Gillian

From Els

From Elizabeth

From Dot

From Chris

From Betty H

From Bea

Have a great day !


Betty aka ZacksNana said...

Trish da dish! Sorry Imissed your birthday. I have a package here I've been meaning to complete and ship. Guess where your birthday card is??? YUP it's in the box. Hon as soon as I can get things together I will get this package shipped off to you. Hope you had a wonderful birthday. Sounds like Howie did good! Love Ya Heaps & Tons!

Faye said...

I thought I also sent a card. Now I am worried, that I did not. Hope you have a wonderful day! The cards you have gotten are lovely. Wonderful art you were sent. Hugs Faye

Loz said...

Such a lot of beautiful card Trish. I hope you had a fantastic Birthday..Hugs..Loz

Myrt said...

Many Happy Returns on Your Birthday! You received some lovely cards and how nice is that - getting jewellry from your hubby! Sounds like you had a wonderful day, Trish.

Ellis said...

You really got some amazing cards for your birthday! =)

Hugs, Elenor