Friday, May 15, 2009


Ok.. would love to say time has flown by for the last few weeks, but I must be honest and I found them draggin badly :(

Bought myself a wireless router thru my isp, took a whole day to set it up. It lasted 4 and half days before it went kapoot. On the phone, complained, whinged and whatever. They gave me a dialup account to cover the time before I got a new router sent out to me. That took ages, but it finally arrived yesterday. Out of the box and within 20 minutes I had set it up myself and am on my way back to heaven :)
Didn't realise I was that addicted to the net. So my blog suffered, I suffered, my Farm on Facebook that I have suffered.

I didn't get to Perth to babysit this week, in the midst of all this I somehow hurt my back again. I say somehow but I have sever arthritis of the spine and it goes out visiting sometimes. So laying prone in bed till I get fed up with that and I hobbled around.

One good thing is that seeing I couldn't be on the computer I did make some cards. May take some photos later and show them.

I also have a good friend who lives in Victoria who is collecting pink cards for a fundraiser in October. Think so far I have sent off 2 boxes of cards, a box of 'pink' goodies for her to make cards, I sent off another box yesterday as well as including some packets of envelopes. Forgot to take a pic of the RAK I included so am hoping she remembers to scan it :) I don't think she reads this blog, but one never knows.

Well to top off my bad few weeks I had a lovely surprise of being picked DIVA for the month of May on Justcards, so am looking forward to those little goodies. I love spoiling people, but I also like to be spoiled.

So till next time take care

and enjoy your day.



Charmaine Black said...

Hi Trish, sorry to hear that you have had puter troubles as well as a bad back. I hope you are feeling a bit better now. I'm looking forward to those photos of your cards going up. Take care of yourself and keep stampin' Lots of inky hugs from Charmaine :-)

Loz said...

Hi Trish. Great to see you have a new router. I would die if I had to go back to dial-up. Hope your back is better and you are getting lots of rest and card making...Loz