Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Morning all,

Over the last weekend it rained really heavy. I had bought some wallflower seeds you know the paper daisy ones. It tells you to put them in after the first really heavy rain...... So I got HWMBO out to throw the seeds then rake over them, hoping that the weather will rain a bit more to set them. Hmmmm well that didn't go to plan it hasn't rained since!! I do hope that they will still come up. I love those flowers.

On another note I was asked to take a photo of what I see out the front window. Here is the result. The large dots are rain on the window... well it did rain that day!

Also showing a card I made for a friends birthday, can show you now as she OPENED her card EARLY!! although I think I did forget to tell her not too hehe. It is what they call a tri-fold card. Have made heaps of cards this week but they are all for swaps so will have to wait before I can show you.

Front of the card.

The card opened.

Have a great day.




Anonymous said...

Beautiful Trish..Loz

Ellis said...

Beautiful cards you've got at your blog! =)
Hugs, Elenor

Betty aka ZacksNana said...

Love that view out your front window. Looks like someone could go Walkabout... Is that right???

This card is gorgeous!!! Just a reminder, my birthday is July 24. Hint, hint... at the rate thinks travel through mail from Oz to US you'd better get it made and posted soon or it will be late. ;o)