Friday, April 30, 2010

Weekend Follys

Hi all,

Well last Saturday my young daughter Jackie and her son Cody dropped in on a surprise visit. I knew something was up before hand when hubby and her were talking behind my back ... worked on hubby for almost 2 weeks, but he told me nothing was going on... so although it was a surprise to see them it wasn't really :)

In the past month or so hubby and I have been making a car bed for young Cody, we have yet to finish it. But I couldn't wait to show it to him.. so off we all went to the shed, I was sitting waiting with my camera of course..... this is a picture of him when he first saw it.. and going around and around until Pa put him into it (he couldn't climb in himself) It is safe to say he loves it :)

That evening my son William was to do a stint at guarding the eternal flame in the park for ANZAC day services. But before that he went he got permission from a higher up person to show young Cody (almost 2) around the station. Well he had a ball, running around and around.

So These pictures below are of the March. You can almost spot William at the far back on the left. He is carrying the yellow flag.

A close up picture of him marching when he went past me.

And he is him in full uniform minus hat (he didn't have one)

Well thats enough for tonight anyway.

Thanks for dropping by :)



Loz said...

Great Pic's Trish. Looks like cody loves his car bed...Laurel

Myrt said...

Oh my, what a 'cutie' Cody is and "yes" I would say he loves his car bed!
Nice to see pics of your son etc. - all good pics. I trust he works for the Fire Department? son is also a firefighter here.