Thursday, September 30, 2010


Hi all,

My friend Shirley asked to see my collection of figurines that I have collected over the years. I often go on ebay and buy them. They wouldn't be very expensive singular, but as a collection all together they add up.

The above one is huge and sits in my welsh dresser.

The above lot are in my entrane hall, they sit on another dresser. These ones are not as large as the first one.

This is a overall picture of the rest of the collection. They are in my computer room, sitting on a half finished bookcase!!

I do not think I have doubled up photos, but yes there are a few that are exactly the same. sometimes you have to get a few together and that is how I get extras.

I started this when my mother passed away in 1992 and she left me with 3 very broken figurerines, from then on..... well some say I have more money than sense. But I love them.

Thanks for looking in :)


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Loz said...

WOW so many Trish...They are lovely but dusting them would be a nightmare...LOL..Loz